Crystal Energy Meditation Scarves & Clothing

Our Brand


It is very important to our Brand that we are taking care of the earth and people who occupy it. That is why we will make sure we only do business with companies that offer Fair Trade Pricing while using Eco-Friendly methods and Products that are responsibly sourced. It is a tall order but it is import to us and we hope important to you. We only get one Mother Earth, lets take care of it and the people of earth. 


How did this Brand Start?


Kimberly Sarubbi, creator of Chi La Vie, is an entrepreneur who has been working in the corporate world for over 30 years.  When her youngest child was born, he had several health problems that did not respond to traditional medical procedures. Unstoppable in her drive to find a remedy, Kim turned to alternative therapies. She started researching different modalities of energy therapies, even taking classes with nurses and surgeons, as she studied the science of energy treatments in helping transform patient recovery. This led her to discover crystal healing practices and how to positively shift physical health through connecting energy centers with crystal vibrations and frequencies.


The energy and crystal work that helped to transform her son made Kim passionate about helping others in the same way. She created Chi La Vie with the vision to enable people all over the world to tap into the power of crystals in the easiest possible way as they go about their daily lives – through the clothes they wear.  


Kim is a CCP (Certified Crystal Practitioner) and is working on her CCH’s (Certified Crystal Healer) license.


The Wisdom


Throughout history, many different cultures have used the power of natural crystals for protection, health, healing and to correct negative energy flow. Different crystals would be prescribed for various purposes each with their own level of healing energy.


Now, one of the most used techniques is connecting crystals with the body’s seven chakra energy points. Each chakra is typically associated with one or several crystals. Blocked chakra energy can sometimes cause illness, so it’s important to know what each chakra represents and how to keep them balanced and flowing in harmony.


The Science


Crystals transmit energy. Coming from earth formations that are millions of years old, they are structured in a way that they can produce vibrations and frequencies. The ancients believed in the energetic power of crystals and modern scientists have also come to rely on the essential energy of crystals to regulate the energy flow for many modern day technologies, including cell phones, watches and computers.


Today, crystals are helping us to lead more empowered lives in many ways. Whether they are in your pocket, in your tech gadgets or around your neck in a  Scarf, crystals are helping to create magic in many people’s daily lives.


The Scarves


Our scarves use the wisdom and science of crystal energy to clear and balance chakra energy centers, keeping your body energized and in harmony.


The Chakra Energy Meditation Scarf  & the Earth Balancing Meditation Scarf use patent pending technology to harness the vibrations of crystals energy and the energy of sacred places around the World to keep your chakras activated throughout the day. Sewn within each scarf are real crystals infused with energy.  The more you wear your scarf, the more you’ll become in tune with the balance and power that the crystals bring to your personal healing and abilities to manifest.   


Chakra Balancing, Meditation Scarves from All Over The World!


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Chakra Healing Scarf


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