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Bringing the Ancient Connection of The Scottish Highlands [Everyday Healing Meditation]

The moment I stepped in the Scottish Highlands, I felt I have been quelled by the utter serenity of the place. It felt like the place has invited me with open arms to experience not only the unsoiled peace and unparalleled serenity but also it has summoned me to experience a surreal connection with ancient times. The alluring vibes of this location’s multipart history were undeniably fascinating.

The ever-so majestic green Munro Mountain tops, the eye-catching azure blue of local lochs, the vibrancy of the pristine local yellow flowers that give off the aroma of hearty coconuts; I felt a connection so powerful that I wanted to bask in the spiritually raw yet splendid aura of the space for eons. I could not help but draw a comparison between this place and heaven as described by numerous bards and storytellers for centuries.

Ancient Connection meditation

To capture the essence of the place, I brought with me Rainbow Fluorite to activate for my new Highland Energy Meditation Scarves. I had to keep in mind the fact that when upper chakras are involved, fluorite stones can increase our intuitive abilities to open ourselves to change our life and guide it on a path paved with redemption and positivity.

Considering the harmonious reflection of the national colors of Scotland, harmonizing energy that makes up Rainbow Fluorite, I had no doubt in my mind that this was a perfect pick to harness spiritual air from my surroundings.

Ancient meditation

The next step in my journey was to locate a perfect spot so that I could activate these stones. And I guess the world was working overtime to align the things right from me so that I succeed in my motive. A serendipitous encounter with a noble soul enabled me to achieve my goals.  

Usually, on my spiritual trips, I try to keep myself content with my work and do not prefer others around me in order to avoid any external energies interfering with the activation of the stones. But this time, it felt different, this time it felt just right to have a companion with me on this fulfilling journey of mine. This noble soul felt like a true spiritual warrior with peaceful calm and mindfulness.

We started the hiked and we lost ourselves in conversation until, as if pulled by the earth’s force, the Rainbow Fluorites leaped from my closed backpack and sprawled out on the ground. Just when I was about to pick them up, I looked around to realize that we were at “the” spot. It was a beautifully eerie sequence of moments that took us to the very exact spot where I wanted to be.

Everyday Healing Meditation

Without much ado, I set the stones down in the center of the beautiful circle crafted by Mother Nature and felt getting wrapped up in the powerful vibration of the energy around me. I could experience the gentle pulses of energy thumping across my palms as I stepped out of the circle to increase the flow of energy to my stones.

More so, I felt enthralled by the idea of sharing this pious energy with others through my stones on Chi La Vie Meditation Scarfs.

Scottish Highlands statue

Once I had my stone blessed with the energy, I decided to head back with my guide. On our way back, we stopped along the river, and I could not resist the chance of placing my feet in the water.

It felt cold, it looked clear, but more importantly, it was breathtakingly picturesque calling me to experience nothing less than a gateway toa utopian world. Later, to feed the adventurer in me, I made my way over to conquer the beauty that is Ben Vorlich, which is one of the most popular and prominent Munros.

Yes, it was several hours of hiking before the summit, but from the summit, the grand view of Scotland’s splendor and majesty landscape that was spread for miles in every direction was worth every drop of sweat.

Scottish Highlands goose

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