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My World Journey to Balance the Chakras of the Earth [First Stop Mt.Shasta, California]

My journey to Balance Chakras of Earth started before Mt Shasta. It began with a vision and a passion for finding a way to bring the powerful healing energies of the world’s Chakra points and vortexes into our daily lives.

What if I could travel around the globe taking crystals and stones with me that I would cleanse and charge with the energies of the Earth’s Chakras.

At the same time, I would provide healing back to the beautiful Earth that provides us with so many gifts and blessings that we often take for granted.

First stop: Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is considered to be the Root Chakra or “base” of the planet. So it seems fitting that it became my starting point. It is also known for its therapeutic energy and spiritual awakening that comes with establishing every connection. Your body and mind have with every sensory organ located in it.

That is what most people come to Mt Shasta to find with the hope of finally igniting a renewed vision. They can draw inspiration from their life paths.

My first time at Mount Shasta. It was vital for me to take in every breathtaking moment of these majestic mountains, streams, waterfalls and Mother Nature in her full glory. Energies abound here that are beyond human comprehension exhuming mystical and magical tendencies from underneath nature.

Kim at the Headwaters at the Base of Mount Shasta

Finding Earth Balance and Vibrational Healing

Every morning I went to the headwaters with the locals to fill up my water bottle with the cleanest, pure water I have ever tasted. It’s as though the universal forces of life have somehow found its way into this mystical place to provide us with sacred water from underground geysers awakened by the root chakra itself.

Several days were spent hiking on the mountain and seeking out the right vibrational energy. One day little blue butterflies were dancing at my feet throughout the hike. It was like they were guiding me and soon after that, I found the highest vibration, laying out the stones and readying myself to meditate.

Crystals drying on the rock after soaking up the stream energy.

The stones made contact with the earth soaking in the Root vibrations as well as immersed in the Springs of Stewart mineral springs. These stones are now part of my Earth Scarf collection.

I always leave an earth offering in the area. So your stones can recharge and connect back to the energy of Mother Earth’s Root Chakra at all times.

A Piece Of Mt Shasta Energy In Your Every Day

The Root Chakra creates foundation and stability. It empowers you to manifest your life in abundance. Keeping the root chakra in balance allows you to flourish and make the best of everyday life.

After the root chakra, Mount Shasta, California, I head off to Lake Titicaca the sacral chakra point of earth. There are some places that you visit that take your breath away because of the beauty of the area. And there are some that manage because of the beauty of its people.

The Sacral Chakra of Earth, Lake Titicaca, is both. You can read more here

You can also start your day with my Mt Shasta Root Chakra energy meditation available on ChiLaVie YouTube.

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