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Accessing Connection to Life Energy Flow at the Beach

As a crystal healer, I make every day about connecting to universal life flow through meditation. Using my go-to power crystals to release any stagnation in my mind-body is a self-care habit that I consciously practice for healing and guidance. It’s how I live life the way I love. I encourage everyone to use meditation as a way of living an awakened life open to all possibility. I call it being high on life and it can lead to feeling deep joy on so many levels.

These days when I travel, I always consider the opportunities to infuse select crystals with the energy of locations that I visit. These go into my limited-edition hand-made Chi La Vie Meditation Scarves bringing the vibrational energy of healing and transformation into your daily life. Usually, the locations that I choose are well-known sacred places for healing. On a recent family trip to Florida, I decided to change things up.

Thinking about our upcoming beach days, I started to connect to the therapeutic elements of the ocean and how the flow of water balances the chakras. When the power of the ocean aligns with the expansive sky and crystalline sand, the beach presents an energizing force that opens up a direct connection with universal life energy. I decided to harness this power in Red Sandstones known for enhancing motivation and creativity, as well as enhancing the vibrational flow of living a healthier and more fulfilling life. My day at the beach became a new design for my limited-edition scarves: The Beach Energy Meditation Scarf.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can benefit from a day at the beach:

Mind Calming

Sometimes it feels impossible to turn off your mind chatter. Aside from creating a lot of stress, which can be tiring and wreck your health, it can stifle your ability to raise your dreams and live a fulfilling life. Research has proven that a day at the beach positively impacts your mental wellbeing by calming the mind and reducing stress levels. When you can think from a place of calm, it allows you to tune in to your real thoughts and connect to your creative energy flow. You may be surprised at what you uncover…and where it leads you next.

Body Healing & Renewing

Cleansing, detoxing, balancing. It can all happen at the beach, starting with the salt water of the ocean that releases and cleanses the body of toxins. Add the healing effects of the sun as it warms away aches and pains. And the healing warmth of millions of tiny crystals that form sand against your body. The beach surroundings holistically work together to give you a renewed sense of wellbeing and your body in balance.

Chakra Balancing

A beach is a perfect place for meditation allowing the ebb and flow of the ocean to balance and reenergize your chakras. When your chakras are blocked, you lose vibrancy and mind-body-spirit wellbeing. Placing your feet in the sand grounds you to the earth. The motion of the ocean engages you in replenishing chakra energy. The beach gives access to your full potential to live life in the perfect flow of your desires.

If you’d like to bring the invigorating energy of the beach into your daily life, the Chi La Vie Beach Energy Meditation Scarf is your connection. Find out more here and start transforming your life.

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