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7 Practical Steps You Should Follow to Transform Your Life by Wearing Crystals

Do you know how to use crystals?

Using crystals can change your life. Einstein stated that there, ‘is no matter, only energy,’ he had informed our world what so many power people already knew. Everything is made of power that virgates at specific frequencies and speeds. Our body, our idea, even our feelings are all frequencies that are continuously changing. We can affect these energies or frequencies in many ways, we can make them stronger, weaker, balance them, or imbalance them. Every thought, movement, what we eat, who we are, adjustments moment through the moment. Healing with crystals can allow us to re-organize and re-balance the energies of our body, mind, surroundings, and emotions.

Get Strength Via Crystals

When we are studying ‘how to use crystals,’ we need to think about the strength they maintain and what we are trying to gain via using them. Most ‘crystals’ preserve one or greater frequencies. We can find out about how much they can affect our energies, or we can learn how to use crystals intuitively. This is a good deal, more effective than having hundreds of books we have to search through. Crystals that hold more than one mineral or crystal type give us more for our cash and magnify the strength of the crystal. Like when we hold gold, silver, copper, pyrite iron in snowy quartz. This means that they preserve many balancing transformational frequencies and are ideal for the use of crystal recovery stones.

how to use crystals

How to Heal with Crystals

First, you choose to ‘get to know’ your crystals. Crystals will show you how to heal with them if you let them guide you. Carry them with you and sit occasionally silently in a quiet region and wait to sense their energy, the tingling, the warmness or cool, or any messages from them. Let them grow to be your friend, be guided as to the place your hand appears to desire to location them. Just go with your first feeling as to how long they need to be there. “Gut feelings’ are typically right. Your crystal cure stones can help you to stabilize your energies as you get greater ‘in-tune- with them and the power they carry. They can grow to be your ‘pet’, and you can discover that they are a superb assistant to you. Clean your crystals often, until they maintain balancing minerals like gold within them.

To cleanse a crystal, clap over it and then smile into it, you should also run it under cold water, and place it in the sun. ‘Crystals’ can be an elegant healing tool in our life. Remember crystals are gorgeous gifts.

What Are Crystals Used For? 

Each crystal reflects various chakras and expectations. If you need to show cash, for instance, you may wish to pick pyrite, amazonite, or citrine. In case you’re experiencing nervousness, you may go after lepidolite or blue lace agate. 

What Are Crystals Used For

Benefits of Crystals

Crystal can be utilized for nearly anything. Advantages can incorporate adjusting chakras, showing your goals, improving meditation, helping rest, and advancing fertility. Whatever objective or expectation you’re attempting to accomplish, there is a crystal to coordinate. 

It is anything but a careful science, however. Any crystal has various qualities that can be utilized for a wide range of circumstances. A ruby, for instance, could assist you with facing your feelings of fear and infuse vitality into a state. It’s additionally a charm for affection and erotic nature, a mystic security stone, and conveys the recurrence of the base chakra. 

With a little direction and by confiding in your intuition, you’ll soon know which precious stone feels directly for your present aim. You can also read a guide for picking a crystal here. 

Here are some common instances of the benefits of the crystal can give: 


Healing chakras, improving contemplation, shielding insight from negative energies, encouraging astral projection, establishing and showing aims.  


Becoming progressively positive, taking care of outrage, managing pain, living satisfied, supporting fresh starts, and feeling more settled. 


Getting a superior rest, calming uneasiness, and assisting with ripeness. 

Personal Development

Enhancing innovativeness, improving luck, showing money, and feeling progressive.

Types of Crystals and How to Wear Crystals 

Since ancient times, the precious stone has been utilized for their incredible fiery healing properties. Crystals can help to heal situated issues, delivering great health and more prominent joy. Every crystal has its very own one of a kind healing property. Some are most appropriate for wealth, and prosperity, while others are better for adoration, relationships, and congruity, or even security and protection.

Crystals come in so many different shapes, colors, and sizes that often can be challenging to figure out which one to use or wear, specifically if you are not conscious of the chakra system or the aura. It would take a book to cover every crystal in detail, however, I have listed just a few of the most famous crystals and their uses.

Types of Crystals

Rose Quartz

 This crystal is red. A piece of rose quartz is perfect in the domestic on a table or benchtop, particularly the place there are hyperactive children or people who have a whole lot of energy. The beautiful coloration pink soothes and heals, especially when a person has heartbreak or upset in their life. Wearing a rose quartz crystal brings peace where there is disharmony and assists you in the recovery of a broken heart.

Smokey Quartz

This is a very effective and religious stone. It is a grounding stone as it can ground extra energy. It is for meditation and is a very effective healer.


The amethyst is a sincere spiritual stone. It is a very effective emotional balancer and a robust healer. It has been said that amethyst is the stone for humans who have addictions. Amethyst is an impressive stone to have at the features of the bed to assist you, to sleep, and astounding for anyone with a headache. I have recognized humans’ addiction to sleeping capsules they can throw away once they found how the amethyst could help them to sleep.


This crystal is a quite female one. Moonstone is particularly useful for individuals who are hoping to improve their richness. Liable for an association with the awesome female, this stone is ideal for any individual who might be hoping to get pregnant soon. 


Maybe the ‘sexist’ individual from the group of healing crystals, this crystal is answerable for making a solid charge through the initial three Chakras. Carnelian is also liable for making boldness and sexual reactions. Searching for a surge of confidence before your prospective employee meeting? Hoping to up your self-esteem or make a more grounded sexual reaction in yourself or your sweetheart? This may very well be-the gem for you. 


Publicized as the most defensive and being equal, this red shade crystal is a beauty. This crystal can help make clarity in your mind and empower love. Great for adjusting yin-yang energies, this precious stone is about adoration and equalization.

Clear Quartz

This crystal is a very effective healer. It works on all factors of the thought and physique. Quartz is of very high-quality for giving you self-belief and for getting rid of negativity. It can expand your natural energy flow as properly as work on all elements of the auric body. People who have full strength even though can also discover that sporting a clear, quartz crystal can make them even greater hyperactive. For these human beings, a crystal of a special color would possibly be better.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye can be a brownish red, blue, or brown. However, all of the tiger’s eye crystals are grounding stones, which means they can take in extra energy. Often, when I get a build-up of psychic energy, I keep two tiger’s eye tumble stones, one in every hand, and can simply experience the extra power from my physique pouring into the stones. When I want energy, I can usually hold the stones again and soak up strength from them. They also are very soothing to seem at and are amazing for young people who are hyperactive.

As nicely as being worn, crystals can be used to assist you to meditate. The high-quality form of crystal for this is a small cluster of simple quartz or a large piece of quartz. I find that keeping the crystal in the left hand is perfect for meditation, however some human beings choose the proper hand. It truly is what you sense great with. Instinct is what you have to constantly observe about crystals. If you sense you have to keep a sure crystal, then do so. If a crystal does no longer attracts to you and any person says it is for you, do not receive it. Always follow your instincts and you will not go wrong.

How to Wear Crystals?

Crystals truly are wonderful. If you are curious; why to wear the crystal, what are the benefits of wearing crystals? I assure you once you start to wear one or begin to work with them, your total lifestyles will change and shift for the better. There are many, many exclusive stones and colorings in the crystal family. I do not have the area on this page to list them all. However, it is well worth making a visit to your nearby crystal shop and asking to see the exclusive types of crystals. Ask the assistant for important points to assist you to decide which one would be pleasant for you. 

Identification of Crystals

There are endless various sorts of crystals; each with their very own hues, shapes, and thickness. Various jewels are likewise precious stones, be that as it may, not all gems will be diamonds. Precious stones have recognized by specialists by their pure nature and geometric sub-atomic course of action. When you realize the essential distinguishing components of crystal, you can recognize numerous gems at home with almost no hardware. It is ideal to clean the precious stone by cleaning it with a clammy, delicate material before you endeavor to distinguish it as this will make your tests increasingly exact. Inspect the shading and state of the crystal and match it to pictures in a crystal recognizable proof book. 

Identification of Crystals

Distinguishing Crystals by Color 

Examine the shade and contrast it with crystals in a distinguishing proof book. This is one of the most effortless recognizable proof strategies and should be possible from home with no gear. Recognize what the primary shading in the precious stone is. Attempt to utilize regular hues, similar to red or blue, to depict the precious stone as opposed to strange hues, similar to salmon or lilac. Utilize a gem recognizable proof book that is classified by shading to coordinate your stone to the right variety of crystal.

Identify Them Through Listening

Hit it with your center finger. If it is the jewelry made of glass, it will give out a stuffy “pat-pat” sound. On the other hand, if it is the crystal ornament, a clear and ringing sound will be given out. The greater hardness the crystal has, the clearer the sound it will provide out.

Identify Them Through the Luster

You can additionally distinguish between them by way of gazing at their light. Firstly, put the earrings under solar and watch. The extraordinary crystal will replicate colorful and bright light, and the mirrored mild will be very natural and rich. However, if it is the glass ornament, the reflected light might not be so prosperous and the light ought to be dull. Secondly, evaluate their readability degrees with each other. The superb crystal always has high clarity so that it appears clear and sparkling. As for the glass decoration or the impurity crystal, however, this is now not the case. It appears yellow or cyan.

Identify them through their prerequisites after they have been used for some time.

The hardness of the crystal earrings is a long way higher than that of the glass ornament, so crystal jewelry may not be stained even if it is worn for a long time, however, the glass decoration will be soiled or scuffed after being worn for some time.

Choosing Your Sacred Crystals 

There are such a large number of more crystals to find out about, all with one of a kind characteristics that are intended to enable you toward making and owning your very own best life. You may pick a stone that is your birthstone. Or on the other hand maybe because you’re willing and prepared to chip away at a specific inadequacy, or in anticipation of an up and coming test. 

Choosing Your Sacred Crystals 

While crystals must be as amazing as you allowed them to turn into, it’s useful to realize that they’ll generally be there to focus you when you need it most.

You can write us an email here if you want to know more about the crystals, their color, their pattern of wearing. We do not only help people in getting perfect meditation, but also to make their life and their sleep perfect, and soothing for always. 

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