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Balance and Activate Your Chakras with These Powerful Mantras

Taking as little as ten minutes a day to meditate and clear your chakra energy points of blocks can have a significant impact on how you can feel and go about your day. Adding mantras into your meditation creates a vibrational intensity that gives power to quickly clearing out all that does not serve you while aligning energies with harmony and balance.

It’s not necessary to use every mantra every day. Choose the ones that can help the vital area(s) that you need to work on at that moment. Each mantra corresponds to your body’s seven chakra energy centers.

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Now let’s take a look at each one and how you can easily incorporate them into your meditation for powerful benefits.

1. Mantra: LAM – Chakra: Root

When your root chakra is off balance, your energy will be low, and you will feel stressed and struggle with financial security, confidence, and feeling grounded in your life.

Chant LAM as you meditate on your root chakra and imagine the energy spinning and clearing out any blocks that may be stored up and holding you back from moving forward with your goals and dreams.

2.Mantra: VAM – Chakra: Sacral

Clear and balance this chakra to open and express yourself; in creativity, emotions, desires, and sexuality.

Chant VAM as you meditate and feel the sacral chakra energy center clearing out all that is holding you back from embracing change and allowing yourself the freedom to be the real you.

3.   Mantra: RAM – Chakra: Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra represents personal power, vitality, and confidence.

Chant RAM as you breathe in and out deeply and focus on bright yellow light clearing out this energy center. Creating harmony and balance in this chakra will help you find a whole new, empowered you.

4.   Mantra: YAM – Chakra: Heart

The heart chakra is considered to be the link between your mind, body, and soul. When your heart vibration is low, you experience discord in love and relationships of every kind.

Chant YAM to balance your heart chakra for forgiveness and to heal yourself. Cleansing this energy center will allow you to open up and receive unconditional love.

5.   Mantra: HAM – Chakra: Throat

If you don’t ask you don’t receive. You need to keep your throat chakra open and balanced as this is your voice to all communication; not only with others but with yourself and, importantly, being able to express to the universe what you desire and need.

Chant HAM to keep your throat chakra energy vibration high and clear so that your self-expression and communication can get through and flow freely.

6.   Mantra: OM – Chakra: Third Eye

Probably the most known of all chakras, the third eye energy center connects you with your intuitive inner guidance for your life’s passions, intentions, and purpose.

Chant OM to bring this chakra into balance and harmony allowing you to listen and hear clear messages of guidance from your inner self and the universe.

7.   Mantra: OM or AH – Chakra: CrownParagraph

The crown chakra is your direct connection with the universe and your higher consciousness. If there is a block in this chakra, you are unable to receive the divine light that nourishes your total wellbeing. You’ll struggle to feel connected to source and can become overly attached to relationships and possessions that do not provide significance and fulfillment in your life.

Chant OM or AH during meditation, take deep slow breaths in, release and let go. Imagine a deep violet or bright white light clearing out all that is in the way of you accessing the deepest sources of wisdom.

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