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6 Steps to Uplifting Daily Self-Care

Taking care of you and taking time out of the day to meditate, contemplate, relax, and unwind, prove beneficial for not only reducing stress but also improving emotional resilience. Everyone unwinds a little bit differently, but there are some ways to relax and take care of you that many people agree on work. Taking time to decompress from a hard day’s work, or even preparing yourself for the day ahead can prove to help you better cope with negativity, stress, and emotional discharge.

1. Keep a Sleep Schedule 

This method should not come as a surprise to anyone since we all need sleep to function properly throughout the day. Take time to consider if you’re getting enough sleep, typically between seven to nine hours, or even more if you want to treat yourself. Nothing quite helps us relax like sleeping, while we are sleeping our bodies get a chance to recharge and prepare for whatever life throws at us the next day. Try to implement and stick to a sleep schedule and remember to avoid caffeine, sugars, and bright lights before bed.

2. Workout

Working out might not be the most enjoyable thing to do for most people. However, you can certainly take better care of yourself by incorporating even a small amount of exercise into your day. Consider going for walks, either long or short walks whichever you prefer. Take the time to smell the fresh air, and feel the sun on your skin, it can work wonders on both your mind and body. For a more focused approach consider buying a gym, yoga, Pilates, or dance fitness membership and regularly visit to relieve stress, boost energy and tone the body. The boost in endorphins alone can give you the feeling of a whole new energized and happy you.

3. Improve Ambiance

The atmosphere of your surroundings has a direct impact on your mood and even your work and personal performance. Try cleaning up around you, clean your sheets, clean up your desk, light a soft scented candle, buy some fresh flowers, use an essential oil diffuser, and even dim the lights for an added touch of relaxation. De-cluttering your room can often lead to a less tense and stressed brain.

4. Read… and Write

Pick up book or pick up a magazine and read! Read to learn new things, or just for a temporary escape. If you’re the type that wants to channel their written creativity, then let your thoughts free flow into a short story, poem, or even a song. It doesn’t need to be perfect or anything that you need to share. It just needs to come from within you and be your free spirit of expression. Also try keeping a journal by your bed to write out your brilliant ideas, dreams, and emotions.

5. Do an At-Home Facial 

What says self-care more than indulging in a facemask? There are many types of facial treatments that you can affordably do at home. Try doing a sheet mask, or mud mask, which will not only help, improve your skin, but also help you relax. You can even quickly make your own soothing mask by mixing up honey, oats and whole milk. Facials are a personal favorite way to take care of skin while drinking a cup of matcha tea and scrolling through social media feeds. Apply, relax, rinse, and enjoy beautiful skin!

6. Boost your Nutrition

Feed your body wellness! What you put in your body often determines how you are going to feel throughout the day and how your body and mind handle certain situations. Start researching Superfoods and find some that you love! Superfoods often have higher nutritional values than any other food and can dramatically make a difference in your energy levels and mood.

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