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My Journey to Mount Shasta the Earth’s Root Chakra

I really had no expectations when I decided to go to Mount Shasta. I flew into Sacramento airport and started my 3 hour drive up to Mount Shasta. It was a really beautiful drive. The scenery is gorgeous, untouched almost, with a big highway going through it all. It almost seemed a shame. It does make it easier to get to the mountain though.
I was staying at Stewart Mineral Springs. When I got about a mile out from the location I lost all cell service. Checking in I was told there was no WiFi. I had no connection to the outside world and I was by myself. I decided to drive over to the mountain and start hiking right away. That way I could pick a good mediation spot for my Monday Live Mediation.
I started working my way up the mountain and it was amazing. So peaceful. Not a lot of people either. My plan was to try and give back by helping to balance the Earth’ root chakra. As I made my way to the top I thought why not start now. I sat down to mediate.
The energy was there and I felt like the Earth didn’t need me to balance its chakra. What came to me was to help the earth in other ways. Things like, recycling, helping to keep the oceans clean, be conscious of the clothes we wear. Are they sustainable? Even the food we eat. I really wasn’t expecting this, but it makes perfect sense. We keep beating up the earth and taking away natural resources. Soon there will not be anything left.
I am going to Lake Titicaca in Peru to see what comes to me at the Sacral Chakra. Maybe it will need to be balanced, maybe not, but I am excited to see what comes to me.
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