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Crystal Healing at The Sacral Chakra of Earth [Lake Titicaca, Peru]

My Earth Balancing Journey Continues

After the root chakra, Mount Shasta, California, I head off to Lake Titicaca the sacral chakra point of earth. There are some places that you visit that take your breath away because of the beauty of the area. And there are some that manage because of the beauty of its people. The sacral chakra of earth, Lake Titicaca, is both.

This region carries a delicate balance between its brown, earthy terrain and the vibrancy of its people. These people decorate in what appears to be an endless display of rich colors.

I learn the dances of the Cholitas

The locals are as loving and passionate as the colors and generous with their culture. So generous, that my host takes the time to dress me up as a traditional Cholita.

Current day, the Cholita appearance is bold and charged, making it befitting of a place for the sacral chakra.

My host Family dressed me up as a Cholita. The Sacral Chakra Point of the Earth.
After my host family dressed me up as a cholita, they brought me to learn their traditional dances.

Farmland Stretches for Miles

I make my way, to give crystal healing and balance to this beautiful part of the earth. And to cleanse and energize Carnelian crystals in the waters of the earth’s sacral chakra. I could not have anticipated what would greet me. Such beautiful lands, the lake, and its crystal clear waters, which provide serenity and life to the surrounding inhabitants.

These people live a simple lifestyle where they weave beautiful items and work the land. They chatter on in a language that I cannot understand.

For some, Spanish is a second language, and I am lucky to grab bits and pieces of the conversations.

Listening, I watch farm animals graze in every direction. It is a simple lifestyle that is perfect for my Crystal Meditation.

A cow in the Fields of lake Titicaca, Peru
A cow watches me take his picture.

Uru Crystal Healing and Meditation

After walking around the farmland, I visit an URU village that floats on the lake. These villages can only be described as a miracle. It is a careful balancing act between man and nature. I even met a little Uru boy walking around eating a fish straight out of the lake.

Little Uru Boy Eating Fish on Floating Island
Little Uru Boy Eating Fish on Floating Island

Meditating, I let the carnelian stones soak in the lake. Dropping an offering of carnelian into the lake. This forges a link between this place and the carnelian crystals I’ve brought. Imagining the crystals I dropped, resting on a temple at the bottom of the lake. The crystal healing energy is evident.

Carnelian Stones Soak up the energy of Lake Titicaca. The Sacral Chakra Point of the Earth.
Carnelian Stones on the Shores of Lake Titicaca, Peru.

The Passionate Energy of the Earth

Lake Titicaca carries a converging balance of male and female energy, giving it a particularly strong tie to kundalini energy. This is also known as the sexual energy of the earth.

Where is this chakra located? It exists a couple of inches below the navel. It falls in line with the hips, womb, and genitals, embodying pleasure and creation. Balance within your sacral chakra can lead to a passionate, healthy sex life with a partner.

When the sacral chakra is deficient, we are prone to fearing pleasure. This can cause us to become emotional and to struggle with building trust.

If taken to excess, we might become needy and entirely too pleasure-focused, losing sight of what else is important.

When this ckakra is balanced, it is easy to feel open and willing to share in the enjoyment of others.

The Center of “You” and Daily Balance

Your sacral chakra embodies the center of who you are and how you express yourself. It’s vital to your creativity, happiness, and emotional health to keep the energy flow of this chakra in balance.

Crystal meditations with bright orange, dancing, and practicing yoga are all ways to keep the sacral energy in healthy balance.

The Crystals are used for scarves

I created Chi La Vie scarves as an easy way to heal and balance your chakras. Wearing these lightweight scarves both enhances your crystal meditations and other spiritual practices. Also healing you on those days when you may not have time to stick to your chakra balancing practices.

Lake Titicaca limited edition scarf uses the carnelian crystals that bathed at the sacral chakra of earth. These Crystals keep you connected to that powerful source of energy vibration and crystal healing from Lake Titicaca.

Carnelian is a vibrant stone that helps boost confidence and true expression. Wearing carnelian stone has even been said to benefit fertility.

Before the Lake Titicaca, I head off to root chakra, Mount Shasta, California. You can read more here

You can also start your day with my Lake Titicaca Sacral Chakra energy meditation available on ChiLaVie YouTube.

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