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The Spirit of Santorini Energetically Calms and Awakens Ambition

The Spirit of Santorini Energetically Awakens Your Ambitions 

While Soothing Your Soul

Approaching Santorini is nothing short of spectacular. I’ve often felt magically captivated with the beauty of this island even before visiting it. Now I was there in the Aegean Sea, where myths of ancient Gods and mortals passionately challenging each other is still alive. I felt humbled and calm while at the same time fiercely energized by the energy. I can only describe it as a therapeutic boost of awakening. A unique vibrational energy flow that I wanted to capture for my new Meditation Energy Scarf.

Whenever I create a new energy scarf, selecting the right crystal that can hold the energy of a location is essential. I meditated several days to find a stone that aligned with the energetic gifts of Santorini. Howlite kept coming into my mind. I wasn’t sure at the time why, but as I got closer to Santorini it became quite clear.  The beautiful white of the buildings together with the backdrop of ashen gray mountain tops of volcanic rock mirrored the white porcelain and gentle gray marbling effect of this gentle stone.

High on Life, Calm on Emotional Healing 

Howlite is a wonderful stone for reflecting on your soul journey while focusing on rejuvenating your life. It empowers your mind to receive the energies that help to speed up visualizing and creating the ambitions that can amplify your life. At the same time, it’s calming and balancing with the ability to diffuse or release anger, anxiety, and stress – an emotionally soothing influence in times of chaos.

Capturing the Energy of Santorini

Finding the perfect spot on the island, close to the water, I laid out the Howlite stones in preparation to infuse them energetically with the pure intent of harmony and fulfillment of desires. The ancient Greeks believed that water had the power to heal body and soul. I was not surprised, therefore, by the exhilarating vibration that filled my meditation space working next to this breathtaking and commanding sea. It felt as powerful as though I was receiving blessings from the Gods themselves.

Daily Habits with Howlite to Achieve Your Ambitions 

Those who have visited Santorini will have an understanding of the balance of fierce awakening forces from volcanic eruptions that formed the island, with the calm of the crystal-clear glistening ocean. Sometimes life presents us with craziness and chaotic energy. Through meditation and daily wear, the Santorini Energy Scarf helps you to maintain the harmony and balance that nourish our souls and lead us to living our highest dreams.

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