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The Solar Plexus Chakra of Earth [Uluru, A.K.A. Ayer’s Rock]

The Third stop in My Earth’s Chakra Journey

I have read much about Uluru, the solar plexus chakra of earth. Reading about his place, does not event come close to seeing the Australian Outback in person. My experience on this trip was one of powerful spirituality that was wondrous in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Ayers Rock, a massive sandstone formation in central Australia, is the center of Solar Plexus Chakra of Earth. It is considered the “umbilical cord” that feeds energy to all living things.

Non-Aboriginal Person “discovers” Ayer’s Rock in 1873

The aboriginals, who surround Ayers Rock in an area otherwise empty for miles, know this chakra as Uluru. These people were able to grow and prosper on their own because weather conditions and terrain made it very difficult for anyone to reach the area. Leaving it undiscovered until the 19th Century importation of camels.

For years, man tried to make it to the center of Australia. Horses tried and failed. Australia imported Camels from India and Afghanistan and successfully made the journey. William Goose named Uluru Ayer’s Rock after Sir Henry Ayers. The Secretary of South Australia at the time.

Crystal Traveler on Camel with Uluru in background.
Camel walkthrough Uluru National Park.

a cultural and Sacred Aboriginal Landscape

For the indigenous people, Uluru has been a sacred altar of meaning historically. Right now, you can currently hike part of the mountain, that will no longer be an option starting October 2019. As the indigenous people say, “You wouldn’t fly to the Vatican and walk all over the altar, would you?” Walking on this Sacred Chakra didn’t feel right.

Tourist climbing Uluru (Ayer's Rock) in Australia

Uluru, the feminine energy, is so beautiful and is balanced by the mountains of Kata Tjuta, the masculine energy of the area. Indigenous women are forbidden to go to Kata Tjuta without the permission of males, and transversely, many parts of Uluru are off limits to the male aboriginals.

Kata Yjuta at sunset
Kata Yjuta at sunset

The burnt sienna color that surrounds the area is breathtaking in its beautiful example of raw earth. I watched the sun set, and the world becomes transfixed in a picture-perfect moment of peace.

Sacred Carvings Pass down stories through generations

As I walk around Uluru, I stop at the area where the indigenous people teach the younger generations. I find myself surrounded by carvings and parts of Uluru, which it is forbidden to photograph, that tell amazing stories about the journey of the aboriginals.

As I touched Uluru, the chakra energy is jolting, sparking an unusually high vibration for me. As an earth sign, I am immediately connected, feeling its draw as calmness settles over me that let me know that I am in a place that calls to me through the gentle tremors of energy.

Inspiring emotions of personal power and confidence are active here. I feel grounded, calm and wholly present like the ground below me.

Sun going down over Uluru
Sun going down over Uluru

Tiger’s Eye Crystals

For this trip, I brought beautiful Tiger’s Eye crystals. The crystal energy relating to this stone has several benefits, such as:

  1. Personal Power & Self-Confidence
  2. Focus the Mind
  3. Discover your Authentic Self
  4. Release Fear and Anxiety
Tiger's eye Crystals in sand at Uluru

There is a primal element in me that longs to stay; yet I know I must move on. I sit for my crystal meditation and crystal healing at this chakra. Throughout the Park, you can find these benches made from wood. I even took a picture where Will and Kate sat for a royal picture.

Crystal Traveler sitting where Royals William and Kate sat in Uluru
Crystal Traveler sitting where Royals William and Kate sat in Uluru

Here is the bench were Ghandi sat to meditate! They closed off the whole area for him. Sadly, they did not close off the area for me while I did my Crystal meditation. hahaha

Crystal Traveler sitting in chair in Uluru where Gandhi sat.
Crystal Traveler sitting in chair in Uluru where Gandhi sat.

For more destinations, check out my blog for Mt. Shasta, the Root Chakra and Lake Titcaca, the Sacral Chakra. To learn more about Earth’s Solar Plexus Chakra Scarf Tigers Eye Infused with Energy of Uluru (Ayers Rock) on our website.

You can also start your day with my Mt Shasta Root Chakra energy meditation available on ChiLaVie YouTube.

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