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Third Eye Chakra Energy Center of Earth: Glastonbury Tor

Also known as the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury Tor is believed to be the burial site of King Arthur. Purely legend or not, one thing that is very real is the wonderful energy that radiates around Shaftesbury and intensifies the powerful mystic vibes as you walk your way around the Tor.

Immediately I knew, as I reached the top, why this medieval hill is known to be one of the most spiritual sites in England.

Third Eye Chakra of Earth

Balance the Earth Third Eye Chakra

You find intense, almost supernatural feelings overpower you as if all the moments of unexplained history and myths are swirling inside you, teasing with the energies of the secrets that the Tor holds. Standing inside the tower remains of St. Michael’s Church at the top felt like stepping inside a portal to another dimension, luring you to be transported to another place and time.

But, it is also a place of healing, and that is what I was there to do. Balance the Earth Third Eye Chakra as a grateful gesture of giving back, as well as create meditations and energize crystals for our new Chakra Energy Scarves.


Activating the Crystals

I was looking for a very concentrated spot to do my work, and when I got to the top of the Tor, it was right in front of me. The view, the view, the view! It was like looking out from the top of the world, rolling hillsides and beautiful scenic expressions reflecting back at you for miles – so perfectly fitting with the essence of the Third Eye Chakra!

Third Eye Chakra

Preparing for meditation, I laid out on the sacred hill the Amethyst crystals that traveled with me from the U.S. to England, to Egypt and now back to England.

In addition to providing healing back to the Earth, my journey’s focus is to activate the crystals with the sacred power of this site for Chi La Vie Chakra Energy Scarves. Infused with the Earth Chakra Energy of Glastonbury Tor, our scarves help open up the third eye chakra to intuitive receptivity, and open up to clarity and messages that guide you in making the right decisions, on a soul level.

What I will remember most about my travel to Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, aside from the incredible views, is the energy. It is undeniable and recharging, awakening the Third Eye Chakra to higher levels of intuition. When we can trust and receive messages through our intuitive energy, it shapes our growth in the most powerful ways.

Third Eye Chakra Glastonbury

One more stop on my journey to balance the Earth’s Chakras was Tibet – Earth’s Crown Chakra, “The Roof of The World.”

Glastonbury Tor Limited Edition Chakra Energy Scarf

Dusty purple with Amethyst, this super lightweight, eco-friendly scarf is made with organic cotton and linen blend and is free of AZO dyes. The healing power comes from mudra connection points at either end of the scarf made from the Amethyst gemstones activated at the Earth’s Third Eye Chakra energy center, Glastonbury Tor, England, as well as create meditations and energize crystals for Glastonbury Tor Limited Edition Chakra Energy Scarf

You can also start your day with my Mt Shasta Root Chakra energy meditation available on ChiLaVie YouTube.

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