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A Guide to 7 Different Types of Meditation [How to Do Them]

There are many types of meditations, but meditation in its unique context is a collection of intellectual exercises practiced inside general religious coaching. It is aimed at achieving the learnings and perceptions valued through a specific tradition. There are many specific types of meditation. In the latest years, mindfulness meditation has become popular. It’s a superb area for beginners to start. So, if you are thinking to experience different types of meditations, start with mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a manner of being aware of or bringing our interest to, the present moment. That is achieved intentionally and without judgment. Mindfulness is now encouraged through fitness experts as a powerful manner of addressing pressure and intellectual fitness-related troubles.

Mindfulness Meditation

Advantages of Mindfulness Meditation

 Meditation has been proven to have many advantages, which includes:

  • Progressed stages of calm and relaxation.
  • Improved self-consciousness.
  • Better energy degrees
  • Improved stages of enthusiasm
  • Improved self-self-belief
  • Improved self-compassion and attractiveness
  • Expanded compassion for others
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Less danger of struggling the signs of tension, despair, ache, or compromised immune system.

Breathing Meditation

This form of mindfulness meditation is appropriate for beginners. Take a look at my easy two-minute novices’ guide on this submit. Breathing meditations, because of the name shows, knowledge of the breath.

Closing your eyes, you may experience on how the breathing feels.

In which you can sense it several with your nostrils. The way to inhale and exhale your breathing through nostrils is the main part of this meditation type. 

I have come across several specific ‘counting’ breathing strategies recently. I have discovered all to be very calming, excellent to apply in any demanding situation. You don’t ever need to be ‘formally’ meditating to do those. All you want is a quiet region for a couple of minutes. Or even do them as you are walking alongside.

Body Test

One of my all-time favorites and another great one for beginners. I have found this helpful to reduce ache as well as being very enjoyable.

Body Test Meditation

Here’s the way to do it.

Get relaxed, preferably lie down for this one, however you can additionally do it in a seated position on a chair, or a cushion. Cover yourself with a blanket to preserve heat near your eyes.

Concentrate on your breathing, firstly turning into aware about in which you sense the breath the maximum. While you are prepared, deliver your interest to the factors in which your body is in contact with the ground, chair, or mattress. On every occasion, you breathe out an attempt to sink a little similarly downwards.

Now deliver your attention to your left foot. Concentration on each of the toes of the left foot, then the sole of your foot after which the top of your foot.

Keep transporting your attention to up your left leg. Awareness in turn on the ankle, the calf, the shin, the knee, and the thigh. While you are ready, feel the breath coming into the nostrils, down into the lungs, and stomach. Then as you exhale, try to consider the breath journeying down the leg and out of the sole of your left foot.

Why Body Test Meditation

To keep this exercise with your right foot and leg, can help to circulate up your body slowly. Listening to every area in turn. In case you turn out to be aware of anxiety or pain, try and ‘breathe into it’ as you did together with your left leg.

Once you’ve got completed scanning each part of the body, shift your interest to the body as a whole. Be aware of the breath flowing inside and outside of your lungs. Take a few last deep breaths and slowly open your eyes. Stretch and simply start back your day. You are all set to deal the hard-hitting situations of life.

Sounds and Mind

An improvement of this, which is a little bit more superior, is to shift your awareness from sounds and minds to any feelings which arise.

 Give attention to where you feel the emotion physically. Is it a tightness for your belly? Anxiety in your jaw or shoulders?

 Attempt to soften the area in which you experience the feeling and ‘breathe into it’ as you probably did in the body scan.

 If the emotion or sensations turn out to be too intense, shift your consciousness again for your respiration.

Benefits of Sound and Mind Meditation

With any of these meditation practices, you will discover that your thoughts wander. That is regular, it doesn’t suggest you are ‘doing it incorrect’. Well known gently that your thoughts have strayed, and produced your attention back to the part of the frame you were focusing on. You can want to try this usually, don’t fear!

Visualizations- A type of Meditation

It is a marvelous type of meditation. When you are prepared, I would suggest a visualization meditation. The point to that is that thoughts, issues, and concerns are all temporary. They exist for a period after which they flew beyond until some other concept comes alongside. The visualization can assist to pick out those thoughts and concerns and to look at the pass without attractive with or judging them.

type of Meditation

Walking Meditation

There is no rule which says that you need to sit down, pass-legged, or on a chair to meditate. You may quite much use any type of interest as meditation. Taking walks is one of the superb types of meditation. You mustn’t move on a long hike to do this meditation. Ten steps along the length of your lawn route or even to your workplace paintings just as well. Ensure there’s not anything you could trip over, unplug any electronics, and start.

 To start with, standstill. Feel your connection to the floor via your feet. Keep your eyes open and absorb your environment. What are you able to see, pay attention, and sense?

 Then, very slowly, start to lift your right foot from the floor. Be aware of the heel lifting off the floor and how the load shifts to your other leg.

Then awareness is for your foot because it moves ahead and reconnects with the floor. Because it reaches the ground shift your interest to the left heel and lifting it in return.

 If you wobble a piece from strolling so slowly, it can help to assume that you are following footprints in snow or sand.

 When you have walked approximately ten steps, turn slowly around. Observe how your body feels as you turn. Where do you experience the turning? To your hips, your torso? Or greater on your knees and legs? Then maintain ahead as an earlier. Strive to do that for approximately five or ten mins, to begin with, steadily growing the time.

Meditation using Regular activities

Meditation Regular activities

You may use any normal hobby as mindfulness meditation. Right here are some examples.

  • Brushing teeth
  • Consuming
  • Shower or bath
  • Driving
  • Doing chores

Whichever one you select, recognition best on the activity in hand. If your mind wanders, gently well-known this and flow your attention lower back. Use your five senses to observe it and get some awareness. For instance, if you are ingesting, attention at the scent of the meals to start with. Then soak up the way it seems, the colors, the shapes, and textures. 

You could consider all of the processes the food has long gone through, to arrive for your plate. Then take a chew slowly. Knowledge of the texture of the meals for your mouth, the taste, and the temperature. Slowly chunk and study how the food tastes in your mouth. Then shift your interest to swallowing the meals and any sensations to your throat and elsewhere as you achieve this. 

 With these types of meditation practices, you cannot only raise your vibration but can also get a blissful life.

You can write to us if you need any information about the different types of meditation. Yes, there are many specific types of meditation. Hopefully, you may discover one or greater methods that you could slip in throughout your day.

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