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7 Surefire Ways to Live a More Relaxing Life

Welcome to 21st century. Social media ecosystem,coming-of-the-age technology options and cutting-edge industry solutions; these are the new ethos which govern our lives. Merely running the race just won’t cut it anymore; you need to ace the race every single time the starting pistol goes off. And when that starting pistol goes off, it also opens floodgates to depression, anxiety, and stress. These maladies have become so commonplace that one might be unaware that he or she is struggling through them. Yes,medical science has developed different kinds of medication to treat people, but these medications provide rudimentary solution for physical and emotional wellbeing without targeting the root of the issue. To help you get to the root of the issues and to empower you with unique methods of relaxation so that you can finally found the much sought after peace and tranquility in your life, here are seven ways to bless your life with relaxation:

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1. Get better with time management.

Ticking clock is what governs us. And if you can’t keep tab on that clock, you are most likely to be stressed. So time management skills become of vital importance if you want to keep the stress at bay. Have a purpose and a plan to complete it and you will be more punctual and disciplined in every task that you undertake, which ultimately will equate to a life of less stress.

2. Think positive. 

Negative feelings can contribute a lot to stress. Compounding negative emotions can lead to the onset and ongoing depression essentially pulling you down every day. So start your day with positive affirmations. Write down all the things that you are grateful for. Listen to a 10-minute uplifting guided meditation. It might feel forced in the beginning but stick to it and soon positivity will become a daily mindset.

3. Avoid loneliness.

Nothing is sadder and stressful then being lonely and having no one of share those fleeting moments of joy and sadness. Find people with whom you can share things. Volunteer at a library or thrift store. Sign up for Meet-ups in your city. Join a fitness class. Make time to reach out to the fellow being and spend quality time with friends, family, and mentors.

4. Go to a comedy show. 

Yes really! If you are stressed, grumpy or depressed, turn off the news and switch the channel to your favorite comedy show or movie. Better yet, grab a friend or relative to go out with you and attend something funny, whether it is a live comedic performance or a comedy movie at the theater. To diffuse stress, you can also read some funny books or comics. Just remember, laughter is the best medicine and it is free!

5. Change your eating habits. 

What goes in our bodies can impact our brains and thoughts. Therefore, your body, mind and soul will gain by eating nutritious foods rather than gulping down junk. Resist the urge to overeat or starve yourself. Make every bite you take in during the day contributes positively to your body. Doing this will fill you up with relaxation and level-headedness while keeping the toxins at bay and help you avoiding misbalancing of chakras and mantras.

6. Live each day to the T. 

When you are overly stressed, the future seems bleak. One way to avoid this is to live for today which will help you overcome anxiety. Fretting over “What will happen tomorrow” can wait. Don’t let endless pondering over the future hang over your head like sword. Life is today so live in the present moment to keep stress away.

7. Breathe.

As natural as it is, deep breathing is potent therapy and one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. Take 10 minutes of self-care time every day to sit quietly in a comfortable spot and focus on your breathing. The longer and slower you make each breath, more relaxation you will experience. It will soon become your favorite thing to do during the day!

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